‘Hide and Seek’ – Gymnasium Gallery – 22nd May-27th June 2021

‘Hide and Seek’ is a universally understood game of exploration and imagination. For Oliver Hoffmeister’s first solo exhibition in collaboration with Berwick Visual Arts, he responds, in part to Berwick Upon Tweed’s illustrious and rich past through the guise of play. Using re-imaginings of past events alongside fiction, he leads the viewer in a game of hide and seek, in an effort to form interesting and personal interpretations via the playful exploration of image.

Courtesy of Colin Davidson and Berwick Visual Arts

Ghosts That Live Amongst Us – 155a Gallery: 15th-26th September 2020

‘In recent months many of us have found ourselves reminiscing about a time we knew before, a conflict has grown between the past and the present, and a heightened awareness of the traces that have been left behind now haunt us. Ghosts That Live Amongst Us contemplates the artefacts and activities which have written a narrative of the spaces we inhabit and have spent time.’

Images courtesy of Warbling Collective

Foolish Fire – System Gallery: 1st-7th August 2019
Young Contemporary Talent Purchase Prize 2018 – Cello factory : 22-26 Nov 2018

‘At the Ingram Collection we are very proud of our Young Contemporary Talent Collection because it means that works by young artists is displayed at museums and public galleries across the UK as part of our vibrant loans and exhibition programme.

The talent and dynamism of our young arts graduates is staggering, which makes selecting the finalists one of the hardest (yet rewarding) parts of my year. […]’

Jo Baring – Director and Curator of The Ingram Collection

All images courtesy of John-Paul Bland (www.jpbland.co.uk)

Middlesbrough Art Weekender 2018 – MIMA : 4-7 October 2018
The Graduate Art Prize 2018 – Exchange House : 15/09/2018 – 25/11/2018

‘Art, as ever, functions as society’s antenna, and this year the subject matter of the finalist art was filled with themes concerning all of us right now, from gender and national identity to mental health and artificial intelligence. We are incredibly proud to be able to support these fascinating emerging artists and help them achieve a sustainable long-term career from their art.’

Patrick McCrae – CEO of ARTIQ

Newcastle Degree Show 2018 – Hatton Gallery : 01-16 June 2018

‘[…] I am not an artist (annual college aside) but working with you has helped me to properly recognise teaching as part of a creative practice that we share, a conversation that we’re both part of. Teaching, said Bell Hooks, isn’t just about sharing information from teacher to student. The places where teaching happens, she wrote, are locations of possibility, where we try to connect the will to know with the will to become. Learning isn’t about mastery or making your ‘greatest work of art’. It’s about continually becoming. Conversations, earnest explorations, and enthusiastic experiments are more interesting and more useful to you than masterpieces. It can be hard to subscribe to that idea once you leave the studio spaces and seminar rooms of the department but I encourage you to try. Don’t look for masterpieces in the world beyond these walls, look for locations of possibility.’

Dr.Fiona Anderson – Lecturer in Art History